Read this before making a submission.

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Read this before making a submission.

Post  Admin on Sun Jan 13, 2013 11:12 am

*At this early stage, we request content in relation to possible skills, map design, characters, history (timeline), safe zones, inventory, combat, weapons, medicine, ranking system, banking system (items), experience and level ups, medical administration (player), objectives, game direction, environmental hazards, spawns (items), spawns (players), spawns (NPCs), health mechanic + CPU, ammo CPU, mini map, options menu and anything similar* *don't hold back*

You can make a submission they way you feel comfortable, included in your submission should be:

-Category (a basic definition of what you submission is, plot, map design, 3d asset etc)
-A picture (if relevant)
-A link (if relevant)
-A description of your submission and why you think it should be considered.

All submissions must be original content, attempting to submit any work other than your own will result in a ban. Avoiding legal problems is our highest priority.

By posting a submission you permit the use of your content to be altered* and or implemented in to the project.

*Permission to alter content will be sought by the original poster, if you can not be contacted or you decline, your content will not be used.

Alterations to content will only be conducted if absolutely necessary.


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